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Pile of Garbage
Nearly 1/3 of all food produced for humans each year is wasted or lost 

Food and Agricultural Organization

20+ years of proven experience in the thermal imaging arena

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Our Vision

We started Yoran Imaging in 2016 from a deep belief that we can transform production floors as they look like today, and contain manual Quality Control, excessive waste of resources, and a complete lack of data and knowledge.


In a world where 1.3 million tonnes of food is wasted every single year, we understood that we have no more time, natural resources or space to waste.


We decided to combine more than two decades of expertise in the field of Quality Control, both in the defense and the civilian industries, and came up with cutting-edge thermal imaging technology.


Our groundbreaking Process Analytical Monitoring system is a game-changer that guarantees continuous data generation, knowledge creation, quality control and improvement.

By deploying infrared technology into healthcare, cosmetics and food manufactory industries, the companies we help can dramatically decrease their waste, and at the same time, generate and analyze data to increase their productivity - and improve their image and brand.


Our innovative product won awards like the All4pack PARIS Award in 2018 and is supported by Horizon 2020 – the European Union's research and innovation funding program.


In addition to that, we’re a part of the Zero Waste Europe initiative, a leading consortium of non-destructive inspection services for digitally enhanced zero-waste manufacturing.

Our Philosophy


Horizon 2020 Logo squere_0.png

Phase 2 award winner 


Part of a leading European zero waste consortium


All4pack Paris innovation award 2018

Improve productivity 

Advanced trend management

reveal & collecting data

Commitment to public safety

Accuracy and passion

Our Leadership

Yoran Imaging’s founders, Yoav Weinstein and Eran Sinbar, have worked together as a collaborative team for two decades. 


Eran has an extensive background in thermal imaging and led a number of complex R&D projects in the field of thermal image analysis and processing.


Yoav has comprehensive experience throughout the product development lifecycle: R&D, engineering, design, construction of prototypes, and final products.


Their deep knowledge in physics, material engineering, image processing and electro-optics, led them to envision the company that is Yoran Imaging today.


Our company’s investors include executive backers from the high-tech and food industries.


Eran Sinbar



Yoav Weinstein


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Amir Vetzler


Our Board & Advisory

Our Future


US, Japan

Recurring revenue in Israel

Recurring revenue in Europe

Recurring revenue in US

Recurring revenue in Japan



Recurring revenue in Israel

Recurring revenue in Europe




East Asia & South America

Recurring revenue in Israel

Recurring revenue in Europe

Recurring revenue in US

Recurring revenue in Japan

Recurring revenue in East Asia & South America

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