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Originally, thermal imaging technology was developed for the defense industry and used for military and security applications to reveal the invisible.


But this isn’t a well-kept secret anymore. 


Thermal imaging can be found today in the non-intrusive inspection of plumbing, electrical systems and insulation.


Yoran Imaging took this technology a few steps forward and succeeded in translating it into heat sealing and induction applications and technology.

Now you can overcome the challenges in adapting the thermal imaging technology into your packaging process, and enjoy:

  1. Reduction of cost - thermal imaging at a cost-effective, competitive price,

  2. Increase in productivity - Thermal imaging of 100% high-speed moving objects in a production environment,

  3. Data collection and trends analysis - Big data inspection of heat sealing defects translated into actionable reports.


Regardless of your packaging line type or manufacturer, our PAM system has a small footprint and can integrate seamlessly with it, making your existing process more productive than ever.

Our Technology

Control Your Process

yoran red strip
"... Their solution offers to bring the benefits of Industry 4.0 to quality control processes which are still based on manual, destructive and random quality testing rather than Realtime obsarvation and data analysis..."

Mrs Gofna Liss

Open Innovation Manager, Nestle Osem

"...Yoran imaging is part of our Acceleration Program in the Food and Beverage vertical at Plug and Play Italy.
Plug and Play is a global innovation platform and an in-house VC to make technological advancement progress faster than ever before.

Seena Amidhozour

Seena Amidhozour, Co-Head EMEA

"... This industry 4.0 thermal imaging-based approach has the potential to generate advanced inline data regarding the heat sealing process of our products, improve our process control, reduce waste of plastic and aluminum, and enable us to test in the future new recyclable bio plastic materials..."

Eyal Shimon

CTO Strauss-Group

From a Controlled Process to Full Process Control


Identification and Detection

The PAM system gives a designated ID to each one of your products and samples 100% of them with a “hands-off” inspection. Any trend showing a deviation from the standards of the sealing lines will raise an alert for the production floor workers to check if there’s a problem with the line, and fix it.


This phase has been proven to reduce complaints of defective products by

up to 40%.

Trend process

In addition to detecting individually defective products, the system also inspects the cause for it. Every time your machine begins to deviate from its normal operation, you will get a real-time alert with local and immediate treatment to get the line back to its normal process. Yoran Imaging’s flagship software, the SPC, will collect data from the production process and will grant you full process control.


This overall phase has been proven to reduce complaints of defective products by up 95%. 

Advanced trend management

The software will present regular reports and analyses of major possible events or problems in your production floor, including performance capabilities records and AI-based comparisons - before they happen. Further down the line, you’ll be able to connect and manage your entire production floor thanks to the generated data (IoT). This phase enables you to enhance the production efficiency, quality, and profitability of your business, while upholding your brand’s standards and integrity. That’s the core meaning of turning data into knowledge, especially where such data doesn’t already exist.

Your Data Dashboard

Meet your new knowledge bank - presenting both real-time statistics and regular reports on your production processes. Now you can attend to and fix problems as they happen, as well as prevent bigger, more complex disturbances in advance.


Your Data Dashboard comes as a part of your SPC software, and your personal analyst will be able to monitor the information alongside you. Together, you’ll be able to generate and collect your data, process it, and lead with that knowledge. 

Our Competition

PAM Technical Data

Power System

Input Voltage

Imaging Thermal Camera options

Camera Angular FOV 

Horizontal FOV (as a function of h - the distance between product laminate plane & camera lens)

Horizontal FOV (as a function of h) 

Camera trigger options

Object Temperature Range

Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) 


Camera size (LXWXH) 

Environmental Temp 

System mechanical data

Cabinet unit size (LXWXH) 

System Aluminum stand base size 

System Aluminum stand height 

System Aluminum stand height 

(including tower light)

System Weight 

(including Aluminum stand)


STOP heat sealing machine (signal)

220 V / 110 V AC, Single Phase, 10/16 A

48° (H) X 39° (V) or 90° (H) X 69° (V)



Wet 24V /dry contact received from heat  sealing machine PLC or Photo sensor (for  each camera)

-40°C to +550°C

50 mK



-15°C to +50°C



175 cm

200 cm

55 Kg

Wet 24V /dry contact is sent from the  system PLC

Wet 24V /dry contact is sent from the  system PLC

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