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Leverage Production Data for Comprehensive Quality Control

Create real-time data in 4D to reveal and control every step of your heat-sealing process.

Connecting Dots

Your ROI in 5 Steps


No more sampling

Forget about manual or periodic checks and inspect every single heat-sealed product before it leaves the production line.


4D vision

Introduce the dimension of time and thermal imaging into your production process.


Real-time and trend alerts

Analyze your process as it happens to prevent any short- or long-term issues with your products and machinery.


Regular reports

Transform your

filling & sealing data into manageable and actionable steps.


Insights to benefits

Reap the Rewards – Gain a comprehensive understanding of your filling & sealing process to protect your brand reputation, reduce waste, utilize sustainable packaging and increase productivity.

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Our Customers

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Harness the Power of Filling & Heat-sealing Data

See What You’ve Been Missing

Monitor the filling & sealing process of 100% of your products through non-intrusive inline inspection.

Waste Less, Achieve More

Employ data to minimize materials waste, save time, and enhance overall productivity.

Your Reputation is Literally on the Line

Monitor your production line’s health to protect brand integrity.

Reveal the invisible

3 Layers of Data Generation
& Control

Active Quality Control

Discover and preempt recurring issues via 100% inline,

real-time inspection. Control the process from inception

to conclusion.

Predictive Maintenance

Optimize production machinery performance through detailed analysis and reports. Predict critical issues well in advance for streamlined troubleshooting.

Turn Data into Trends

Transform raw data into actionable intelligence to monitor equipment performance and staff efficiencies, decreasing MTBF (mean time between failures).

Background DATA

Industry 4.0 Realized

More than just a gatekeeper

Far more than mere gatekeepers,

Yoran Imaging’s award-winning (All4pack Paris innovation)

Process Analytical Monitoring system combines inline inspection and AI capabilities, transforming raw manufacturing line data into actionable, solutions-oriented knowledge.


Our system enables immediate corrective decisions for manufacturing optimization. They are designed to improve bottom lines – and so

is our pricing.

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Thermal imaging technology is no longer a well-kept secret, only available to the defense industry. 

thermal imaging

Initially devised for defense industry application, thermal imaging has become a valuable inspection tool in many sectors. Yoran Imaging is among the first to implement this promising technology to exponentially improve heat-sealing inspection processes. 

Critically, the vast amount of data generated in the filling and heat-sealing processes is converted into real-time, user-friendly statistics that can be examined on an HMI/dashboard and stored for ongoing comparison and continuous improvements. 

Yoran Imaging

Founded in 2016, Yoran Imaging draws upon over two decades of thermal imaging expertise to develop state-of-the-art systems that optimize filling & heat sealing inspection and reporting.


We decided to combine more than two decades of expertise in thermal imaging for the defense industry, and came up with cutting-edge technology that we’re happy to offer to manufactorers worldwide.

about yoran imaging
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Awards & Grants

Horizon 2020 Logo

Phase 2 award winner 

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Part of a leading European zero waste consortium


All4pack Paris innovation award 2018

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